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agrinatura Master of Science

New call for candidates 2018-2020 now open !

11.10.2017 - 18.9.2018

Look out for the new call for candidates for the edition 2018-2020 of the Agris Mundus MSc (courses starting in August 2018)! Warning : No Erasmus mundus or Erasmus + scholarships will be awarded for this cohort. Candidates are encouraged to look by themselves for scholarships. Agris Mundus Secretariat will send to the selected candidates a certificate to support their applications.

The call is open from now. It will be closed on January 8, 2018, midnight GMT! The results of this round of applications will be published on the Agris mundus website on January 22, 2018.


The registration of candidates is done on line only (no hard copy application). Be ready and prepare the documents you will have to upload!

  • Select the track you intend to choose. Track themes . 2 choices will be registered, by priority order;
  • Carefully read the instructions for the admission procedures;
  • Prepare the documents that you will need to upload :
    □ A copy of your academic degrees such as your BSc or BA, with official seal;
    □ if not in English, French, Spanish or Italian, a certified translation of the diploma;
    □ A copy of the transcripts for at least the last two years of studies proving your excellent results;
    □ A copy of your passport showing date, place of issue, date of expiration and personal details; ID card is allowed for EU students
    □ A Curriculum-vitae following the Standard European Format only. Prepare it from now!
    □ Motivation letter: Hand written and signed explanation of your own composition stating why you would like to attend the above mentioned masters programme and how this programme will help you in your work and career (2 pages);
    Note : this statement should not contain : description of the agricultural production or state or natural resources in your country, generally known facts, repetitions of what is stated in your CV. It should only state your personal motivation for attending the AGRIS MUNDUS course, your professional goals, your personal career objectives, and how this course will help you in achieving them; 
  • The name, email address and telephone of two referees will be required. Agris mundus will contact these referees and they will be asked to fill their recommendation also on line.

    An English language test is not mandatory at the time of submission of your application, however, IELTS 6 in English is required for all training tracks starting with an M1 in Copenhagen, and IELTS 6.5 is required for all training tracks starting in Cork or in  Wageningen. The proof of the level in english will be requested on May 15 2017 if you are proposed for admission, unless you are a native English speaker. Therefore be ready to provide your results to an IELTS English  language test before May 15th 2018 in the case you are selected. If you have passed any test in French, Italian of Spanish, please also provide a copy of your results.

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