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Important changes in the Agris mundus training tracks offered

22.12.2016 - 12.12.2017

Closure of the Agris mundus tracks involving M1 or M2 at Copenhagen University!


Following recent decision at Copenhagen , Agris mundus is sorry to announce that the training tracks Agricultural development, Food chains sustainable development and Safe production in agriculture that had either the M1 or the M2 in Copenhagen University, will be closed from 2017 onwards. The other tracks will continue as before, and additional tracks starting at Cork or Wageningen have been open for 2017.

Safe production in Agriculture however is maintained, with the M1 being offered in Montpellier (partly in French) and the M2 being offered at Catania (in Italian)

Agris mundus strongly regrets the decision of Copenhagen university since the collaboration with this partner has been extremely fruitfull during the past ten years. We thank the team of the MSc in Agricultural Development, Copenhagen University, for their valuable cooperation all along these years. We do hope that Copenhagen University will be able to come back one day in the Agris mundus partnership.

Candidates at the round 1 of applications who have already submitted their application for one of the three tracks mentioned above will be evaluated for their second choice of training track. Candidates who have not yet submitted can still change their choice of training track before submission. We invite all to visit our webpage page about the training tracks to update their knowledge about the tracks open for the cohort 2017-2019.

With our best wishes for the new year!

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