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Erasmus mundus scholarships no longer offered, Agris mundus still going !

After 10 years of support by the European Commission through the Erasmus Mundus programme, the annual supply of European scholarships to the Agris mundus MSc has now come to an end. The Agris mundus MSc course hence  cannot offer scholarships any longer.

We thank the European Commission for its 10 years long support and we are proud of the results achieved. More than 200 Agris mundus alumni are now working all over the world, actively contributing to building a sustainable agricultural production meeting the expectation of both its producers and consumers.

The Agris mundus course will continue, with a renewed energy! We are eager to welcome our new candidates when the next call is opened in November 2016!


Go and visit the Agris mundus Alumni website

The Agris mundus Alumni website is prepared and informed by the current students and the alumni. Pay them a visit!



Download the last issues of the Agris Mundus Magazine, the voice of the students and alumni!

 Issue 6 (September 2014, 1.9 MB): In this issue you can read about the Tropentag experience from a student´s perspective with a final thought-provoking reflection. There is also an article about Adriana´s fieldwork experience during her Master´s thesis, recounting both the hardship and the joy. Pin will relate how is it to deal with French milking cows for three weeks. Our former M1 duo from Wageningen will inform us about their three-week fieldwork in the eastern part of the highly diverse and not always hot Kingdom of Spain. Finally, Francis Denisse is going to untangle the heartaches of moving from place to place and the advantages of it.

Issue 5  (May 2014, 2.6 MB): That is Casilde, telling us about the adventures of a social scientist in an engineering school. Then, we move to Kenya and New Caledonia, where M2s Marie and Clelia just moved in to start their thesis data collection. This is a chance for the M1s to learn what is ahead of them next year and start mentally getting ready for what is probably going to be the most intense and enjoyable episode of their Agris Mundus life.
Afterwards, this year’s University of Copenhagen SLUSE course is introduced with some insights from Professors Thilde Bech Bruun and Kiama Gitahi, who guided and supervised us throughout two intense months. With first hand stories, Margot explains how she enjoyed Kenya and working with smallholders, and Matthias describes his venture into the wild part of Sarawak, East Malaysia. Later, Agris Mundus alumna Mariola discuss what to expect after Agris Mundus. To close, we have an interview with Jørgen Eilenberg and Annette Jensen from the University of Copenhagen about a trending topic in the fight against world hunger: using insects for food and feed.

Issue 3 (August 2013, 3.8 MB):  MOVING! ... WELCOME (BACK) For those who haven’t already, it’s time to move to the next study place. Packing, traveling, finding accomodation... We take advantage of this issue to give you some advice (p.2). No time to rest, busy with internships (p.3) and then there is the annual meeting in the Netherlands. We already introduce you to the AgTraIn students as from now on AgTraIn will be actively involved in the association, including the magazine. This issue is also an opportunity to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the Master programme. Mariola (finishing her M2) ends this issue with a touching reflection on her Agris Mundus experience.


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