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agrinatura Master of Science

Water management in horticulture

Water management in horticulture

This training track is offered at:

-          Wageningen University (Netherlands) for the M1

-          University of Catania (Italy) for the M2


Training objectives:

Graduates should be able to:

-           Assess the technologies and policies regarding the use of water in and for agriculultural systems

-      Scientifically analyse physical, technical and socio-economic aspects of horticultural production under irrigation;

-          Analyse processes in integrated production and protection (from pests and diseases) of vegetable and fruit crops;

-          Work at different scales (field, farm, watershed and region), with different actors, regarding the efficiency of water in agriculture, especially in horticultural production;

-          Develop a research interdisciplinary attitude with regard to questions and problems raised at the field level in irrigated horticultural systems

In Wageningen, during the M1, students get the competences oriented to the management of water resources, whereas the specific competences regarding horticulture are given in the M2 in Catania.



Courses M1 and M2
To know more on the programmes of the first year and the second year of theis training track, download the PDF files below:


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