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agrinatura Master of Science

Public policies and management of agricultural development

Training delivered at:

-          Polytechnic University of Madrid for the M1 (Teaching in Spanish)
-      Montpellier SupAgro for the M2 (Teaching in French)
Training objectives:
-          Make graduates able to cope with the current global / international challenges in rural local development and sustainable planning;
-          Train specialists who practice as local leaders and promoters of the social well being in local framework with an international perspective.
-      Equip graduates with methodologies and tools to assess local priorities in agricultural development and address institutional solutions (organisations, services and policies) for these issues

Course M1 in Madrid : The courses offered at Madrid are those of the Master of Rural Planning and Sustainable Management, up to the master thesis (April). Complements are given in Montpellier from that moment (Module Gestion collective des ressources naturelles & Module Project Management)

Course M2 in Montpellier : For the M2 in Montpellier, students will follow a specialisation called SAT (admin/files/sat-presentation-generale-&-objectifs_en.docxadmin/files/sat-ue-par-parcours-et-ects_enx.pdf). The option offered in the M2 in Montpellier for the Agris Mundus track on Public policies and management of agricultural development is MOQUAS (Marchés, Organisations, Qualité, Services) which addresses the extension of services to farmers, the development of organisations and institutions and the extension of  public policies (land, services and chains organisation, agricultural and environmental policies): admin/files/parcours-moquas-complet-1_enx.pdf; admin/files/parcours-moquas-resume_en.pdf.


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