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agrinatura Master of Science

Management of animal resources and sustainable development in agriculture

Training delivered at:
-          University of Catania (Italy) for the M1 (Teaching in Italian)
-          Montpellier SupAgro (France) for the M2 (Teaching in French)
Training objectives:
-          Increase animal production while preserving products quality, animal welfare and health environment;
-          Supply capacities in livestock production field;
-          Conceptualize husbandry problem whose solving breakpoints must allow animal production activities to evolve towards stakeholders interest;
-          Evaluate (technical, economic, social) consequences of the possible solutions for all the people involved;
-          Settle protocols and management practices in order to sustain the process of technical innovations adoption;
-          Develop an academic and interdisciplinary attitude.
Courses M1 and M2
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Look at the video offered at the italian TV about the Agris mundus training at the university of Catania (the presentation of this course is done between 11'30 and 21'00 of the film)

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