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agrinatura Master of Science

The thesis

Whatever the training track is, the M2 includes an academic training during the third semester (S3, 30 ECTS).
The fourth semester is devoted to the Master thesis (S4, 30 ECTS) with a minimum of four months on the field, in most cases in a developing country in the Mediterranean or the tropical zones. It must be a personal and individual exercise, even though the student may be hosted within a group . it always includes direct collection of primary data. Pure office work on precollected secondary data cannot be accepted as a MSc thesis for Agris mundus.
The aim of the Master thesis is to exert the theories, tools and methodologies taught in M1 and M2. It often responds to the request of a professional organization, or to a question raised by a research project.
The Master thesis is co-directed by academic staffs of both the M1 and the M2 universities. After writing a thesis report, the thesis is orally defended in front of a jury that normally includes representatives of the two Universities where the student has been studying his M1 and M2. Most of the master thesis are defended in September or October each year.


Read interviews from Agris Mundus alumni regarding their thesis in the first issue Agris mundus quarterly news 2010 and also Agris mundus newsletter from december 2010.
Also see recommendations for the master thesis by Mara Lindtner, student of batch 7 (2012-2014) here.

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