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agrinatura Master of Science

The orientation week

The orientation week, common to all training tracks, as well as the induction periods, specific to each university, are two landmarks for all the students at the opening of the first year (M1).
The orientation week:
The Agris mundus orientation week is organised on a rotating basis by the universities participating to the courses.The programme include some presentations of the various M1and M2 of the MSc, lectures and discussions on the challenges of sustainable development of agriculture, food security and sustainability of the use of natural resources. Important time is left available for group activities, indoor and outdoor, to facilitate team building.
Contacts and discussions with the M2 students, the alumni or external paertners invited at that moment allow the students to start building their network of professional contacts, an important asset for their further carreer.
Its objectives are:
-          to introduce the programme to the students;
-          to start collective discussions between staff and students regarding the choice of optional modules in their future studies.
Duration: three days
Dates for 2016: from August 29th to September 2d 2016, Vienna.
The induction period: 1 week, just prior to the academic courses
Its objectives are:
-          to focus on specific issues related to the respective countries and institutions;
-          to acquire a better knowledge of the life in the host country and the rules of the studies in the host institution*.
* Due to the different holiday periods in the participating countries, the dates of the induction period can be different : in Wageningen, Catania and Montpellier, the induction period last one week, in Madrid and Cork, two weeks and in Copenhagen three weeks.


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