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agrinatura Master of Science

Mobility first! The M1 and the M2

Depending on the training track they choose, students may start their first year in Wageningen, Catania, Cork or Montpellier. They complete a first year there, then, still with regard to the training track they were selected for, they move to a second place of study which can be Catania, Copenhagen, Madrid or Montpellier.

The M1 starts most generally end of August in Wageningen, while it starts only in early September in Montpellier or Cork and late September in Catania and Madrid.
An induction period is organised in all participating Universities to welcome the students and prepare them to live in a new and specific environment. In Wageningen it starts around 20-25 August, and later for the other universities.
Montpellier and Catania organise some intensive language courses for those who need to learn French or Italian for the M1 (see "the summer courses")
  • 7 designed training tracks:
Water management in rural development (M1 in Wageningen, M2 in Montpellier)
Water management in horticulture (M1 in Wageningen, M2 in Catania)
Livestock systems management (M1 in Catania, M2 in Montpellier)
Food chains and development (M1 in Cork, M2 in Montpellier)
Safe production in horticulture (M1 in Montpellier, M2 in Catania)
  • Whatever the training track is, all the Agris Mundus students attend a common orientation week before the beginning of the first year (M1) and a common research methodology workshop at the beginning of the second year (M2).
The 4th semester is devoted to the thesis work which presentation takes place in front of a mixed jury (from the M1 and from the M2).

Read more: Look at the general organisation of the training tracks in more details:

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