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agrinatura Master of Science

Diploma awarded

Following the successful completion of each year (M1 and M2), students are awarded a double diploma (the original diploma of each of the universities where the student has completed his/her Agris Mundus studies).
A special Certificate in Sustainable Development in Agriculture, issued by Agrinatura, is delivered in addition to the double diploma.
Please, view below the various diplomas that can be awarded depending on the M1/M2 studies.


Name of the University

Title of degree awarded for

the Agris Mundus Master Course

The Wageningen University and Research Centre,
 the Netherlands

Master  of Science Degree
in International Land and Water Management

The National University of Ireland, Cork

Master of Science in Food Business and Development

Universitad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain

International Master in Rural Planning
Sustainable Management

The Università degli Studi di Catania,  Italy

Master in Sviluppo Sostenibile in Agricoltura

Institut National d’Etudes  Supérieures Agronomiques de Montpellier, France

Master en Sciences et Technologie,
mention Agronomie et Agroalimentaire






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