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agrinatura Master of Science

Course framework

The Master of Sciences in Sustainable Development in Agriculture Agris Mundus offers seven different training tracks. All training tracks equip the students with general knowledge about the development of crops, animal production, transformation and marketing of food products, whereas each of them also has specific objectives.

The choice of a training track is an important step of the registration of any candidate. Sone tracks have specific prerequisites in terms of background:

  • Water management tracks require solid competences in agriculture and/or hydrology/irrigation.
  • Management of animal resources and Safe Production in Horticulture have pre-requisites in biological/ecological/agricultural sciences and cannot be taken by a candidate coming from Humanities.
  • In the meantime, the tracks in  Local development and sustainable agriculture and Public policies and Management of Agricultural Development are more open to the candidates who have experience in political and social sciences.

Each of the seven tracks offers studies that are given in two different universities : one for the first year (the M1) and another one for the second year (the M2, which also includes the master thesis completion). The disciplines taught in the M1 and the M2 are often different, they have been chosen so that they complement each other.

Before the academic courses start in each of the M1 Universities, all Agris mundus students participate into a joint Orientation week, at the end of August. The orientation week is an important moment to build the coherence of the whole cohort of students. The year after, at the same moment, they also particpate to a joint Research methodology workshop which introduces them to the research that they will perform during their master thesis, at the second semester of the M2.

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