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agrinatura Master of Science

Agris mundus scholarships

Amounts of the Erasmus Mundus scholarships (for the definition of the categories A and B, see admission procedure)
 Category A scholarships
 Category B scholarships
Contribution to travel, installation and any other type of costs
 EUR 3 000 € if the residence country is less than 4000 km from Montpellier
EUR 4 000 € if it is more than 4000 km from Montpellier
 1000 Euros
Contribution to the Agris mundus fees (including insurance coverage)
 EUR 4 000 / semester
 EUR 2 000 / semester
Monthly allowance
 EUR 1 000 / month
 EUR 1000 / month

Arrival in Europe, how are things going on?
  1. The Erasmus Mundus scholarships are managed by the Agris Mundus secretariat.
  2. Beneficiaries are required to order themselves their flight ticket from their home country.
  3. The studies office manager of the first hosting country will help you to open a personal bank account.
Category A scholarship holders will receive as soon as possible after arrival a lump sum of 4 000 Euros representing a part of the travel + installation costs. The secretariat and the host universities will do their best to help the selected students to open a bank account. Students should be aware that this procedure may be subject to regulations and that it may take several weeks.
3. Other scholarships and grants

Students academically admitted but not selected for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship are encouraged to seek other sources of financial support. For this purpose, the secretariat can send them an estimate of the cost of the studies. They can also refer to universties' websites (Montpellier SupAgro: www.supagro.fr/web/pages/ ; University of Copenhagen: www.life.ku.dk/English/education/msc_programmes/application/scholarships.aspx ; Wageningen University: www.wageningenuniversity.nl/UK/informationfor/stud-outside/)

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